Trademark Registration

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Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration & Consultant in Agra

Essentially, a trademark is a “brand” or “logo” that you can use to recognize your item from those of your rivals. Through trademark enlistment or you can state logo enrollment/mark enlistment, you can ensure your image or logo by confining other individuals from utilizing the same. For e.g. the logo of NIKE and their slogan JUST DO IT is an enrolled mark name. By trademarking your logo or brand, you are giving it security as it is illicit to utilize a similar logo or slogan.

An enlisted trademark is an immaterial resource for a business and is utilized to ensure the organization’s interest in the brand or image. In the wake of Trademarking your logo or brand, an enrolled TM number which fills in as trademark permit is doled out inside a time of three days by Trademark office however it takes very nearly two years for it to be enlisted so you can use to utilize ® image with your image name. It is constantly encouraged to get Trademark enrollment or brand name enlistment in light of the fact that getting your organization enrolled won’t ensure your image against the individuals who may start utilizing indistinguishable or comparable imprints. Before trademarking, make a point to check trademarks accessibility and it ought to be your first need on the off chance that you need to begin an organization. Trademark open pursuit is an essential advance before trademark enrollment. You have to complete a nearby look for trademark name as it will help you to keep away from future issues.

With, Trademark registration application can be done across India within 1-3 working days.

Features of Trademark® Registration:

Your trademark is the copyright that you can get on your brand or logo to ensure no one is ever able to use your intellectual property. When you trademark your brand or logo, you can be sure that your logo would be your property and it would be illegal for anyone else to use it without your permission. If you want to get your trademark registration online in Agra, Legal Bajar is the company to get in touch with. We are a recognized trademark registration consultant in Agra who can help you get legal protection of your brand name, logo, or any other intellectual property.

  • Legal protection of your name / Logo/Slogan.
  • Distinguished identity.
  • Considered as Asset of organization.
  • Build goodwill and Trust among customers.
  • Supports Branding.

Eligibility & Requirements

Any person or legal entity can file a trademark application in India. There is no requirement for the mark to be used before applying. Hence, a trademark application can be filed under the category of “Mark proposed to be used” if the inventor of the word or mark wants to protect it before advertising the brand.

There is also no requirement for the trademark applicant to be an Indian citizen or Indian business. Hence, any foreign national or foreign entity interested in securing a trademark registration in India can file a trademark application without any other requirements.

Documents Required

To register a trademark the following documents should be uploaded on Legal Bajar platform:

  1. Logo, if applicable.
  2. Identity proof of the trademark owner
  3. Incorporation certificate, if company or LLP
  4. Address proof

Note: Logo is not mandatory. Word alone can be trademarked.

Avoiding Trademark Application Rejection

To avoid the trademark application from being rejected, the following checklist can be helpful:

  1. The mark is not similar to an existing application
  2. The mark is not a well known or generic term like “Milk” or “Chair”
  3. The mark is not deceptive or misleading people
  4. The mark contains bad or offensive words
  5. The mark contains words like Government or President or other well-known personalities