Accounting Services, Outsourcing & Bookkeeping Services

Accounting company Legal Bajar, with extensive experience over the entire spectrum of accounting and tax legislation, offers accounting services of high added value, staffed by the market’s best trained and experienced executives.

Maintaining the accounts and money books is imperative for any business. However, for large firms and companies, it is not easy to take care of all the bills and other things. This is where you can get the assistance of Legal Bajar with its accounting services in Agra. We are a reputed account auditor in Agra that is providing complete evaluation of your account books and the designing of your financial records. Your financial statements and Balance Sheets are completely safe and in professional hands when you approach Legal Bajar for its bookkeeping services in Agra. So, get in touch and get expert assistance.

Accounting Services, Outsourcing Services, Bookkeeping Services, we offer are:

  • Integrated accounting services for all categories of books, both at your business headquarters and at our offices.
  • Organization and supervision of company accounting departments and Evaluation of their accounting systems
  • Design, implementation and development of financial reports (MIS Reporting)
  • Organization of warehouses
  • Implementation of internal audit systems
  • Implementation and adaptation of accounting plans, exclusively tailored to your needs
  • Consolidated Balance Sheets, Financial Statements.
  • Implementation and application of Costing systems
  • Application of Analytical accounting and planning of Analytical Accounting.
  • Preparation of production and costing books.
  • Design of internal audit systems.
  • Adaptation to International Accounting Standards (IAS & IFRS)
  • Possibility of reorganization of accounting departments with the latest IT systems
  • End-of-year Financial Statements
  • Processing all transactions with the State (Tax Offices, Insurance Organizations, Prefecture and Chambers)
  • Preparation of Budgets and Financial Statements
  •  Board of Directors and General Meeting minutes
  • End-of-year work, Closing, Balance Sheet
  • Publication and Submisssion to the competent Services
  • Tax representative services and assistance in the preparation and submisssion of income statements.
  • Secondment of Legal Bajar staff of any rank to your Company to support the accounting department’s operation.
  • Possibility of using Legal Bajar registered offices as your business’s registered office for tax purposes
  • Preparation of end-of-year financial statement and submisssion of relevant statements.